This website is the serialization of a completed historical fiction novel, Stilicho’s Son.

I’m particularly fond of the Late Empire, a time of complex politics, religious fervor, vast migrations, invasions, betrayals, hysteria, and wars — not unlike our own period. My university education centered on classics – the history, politics, archaeology, and language of Greece and Rome. Much of my other fiction is informed by my love and knowledge of the ancient world.

Putting this novel online allows me to produce it in parts as I complete other work. I’m also able to share historical background, images, and links. You’ll find maps of the Empire, a bibliography of primary and secondary works used, a video trailer, illustrations, and digital paintings.

I post 500-1000 words every Tuesday. The digital novel will be available in 2018.

You can find out more about me, the author, at Amazon Author.

–Teresa Wymore